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Suppose the only image that you have of a photo happens to be a very small one. However, you want a much larger copy through an enlargement of reasonably decent quality. The problem is, typically speaking most photo scanned and digital photo enlargements with bitmap images generally degrade and show patchy square pixels (pixelation) whenever an attempt is made at enlarging a smaller photo that has less resolution.  

Herriot Visual Communications can take small photos and enlarge them into digital format with minimal loss of quality from the original smaller image.

Pixelated Image

Enlarged by 800%
With Reduced Quality

Example A

Herriot Visual

Restored Image

Enlarged by 800%
With Improved Quality

Example B

For example this small image (left) measures 1” x 1.5” in size.

Enlarging this image by 800% to obtain a larger 8” x 12” size would normally reduce the image quality so drastically through the pixelation effect that it would be of little to no value as a larger print.
    However, Herriot Visual Communications can fix this problem and take even a small photo and enlarge it into a much larger digital format with higher resolution and minimal or no loss to the image’s original smaller quality.

Contact us today about options that might be right for your needs!

Restoration By Herriot Visual Communications Pixelated Enlargement Without Restoration Quality photo image Enlargement service